Week 1 – A Fantastic Start!

Target 50k is alive and kicking and now 1 week old and what a week it has been…Luke

Last Sunday we unveiled details of our latest fundraising mission and our new website, and the response since then has been truly staggering. Over 1100 pageviews on our website, over 100 Coppers 4 Cancer pots handed out to various people spreading as far as London, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Over £600 added to our Justgiving page and so many people in touch with such a wide range of fundraising ideas they would love to do to support our challenge and in turn support children and young people with cancer. We have picked up such great momentum this year in everything we’ve looked to do and are very excited about having everyone on board pulling in the same direction.
We have already passed the 4% mark on our page meaning over £2000 has already been donated, We’ve launched this now as demand was getting so big for people to carry stuff on from Target 10k which finished in July but in truth it doesn’t really get going properly till we have our first big event in December when we do our London to Lapland bike ride, the 2015 calendar is very busy with what on paper looks like some very good opportunities to boost our money raised figure quite substantially. So to be where we are now with the prospect of lots of other bits and pieces to come before December is a fantastic achievement by everyone involved in any way at all.

This coming Saturday sees our first little mini event in the shape of our family disco at Jubilee Park in Huntingdon, all 120 tickets went in a flash and we are looking forward to seeing everyone for what should be a cracking night. Massive thanks to Hayley and Ben Webster for all their help with this.

So many people have been in touch with little ideas to add some vital funds to the page and added to the regular income we hope our money pots will bring should see the page busy almost all the time, I cant emphasise enough to everyone how vital all these £3,£5 and £10 donations are to what we are doing. The golf day in the summer raised £8,500 but that’s just once a year and you will be amazed when we near the end of this challenge how large a percentage will be made up through the £1-£10 donations. Take Friday for example, I thought of a silly idea of people donating the cost of a pint or a drink (DAP Friday I called it) if they were heading out or even if they just fancied naming one they saw on their travels thinking we might get 3 or 4 and raise £20, so many people got involved and such a silly idea ended up raising £95 and not one donation was over £11 which just goes to show how powerful all the little bits and bobs can be. That money from DAP Friday could pay for a whole family to stay at one of CLIC Sargent’s home from homes for 3 nights. So when you think “Oh I can only donate £2 that wont be any use to anyone” trust me when I say without your £2 this challenge will be much much tougher. Although with the variety of drinks we had donated I should probably rename DAP Friday DAD Friday (Donate a Drink) 🙂

Jamie James got in touch this week with a fantastic idea for a Premier League predictor game and this will run month to month and see monthly prizes dished out to our winners and our end of season winner will walk off with a brand new Ipad. We had a fantastic response to this and will be rolling out the first spreadsheets this week coming and Game 1 will run from Sept 20th to the last premier league game in October. Also in touch was Teddy Dear to say his 2 boys Alfie and Tommy had a day of fun and games in their garden with their friends this week doing all manner of activities and managed to raise £30 and wanted to donate to target 50k, what a fantastic gesture from 2 lovely young lads. Thanks so much to Jamie and Finn James and Teddy and his family.

The whole idea of target 50k is to get people out there thinking just like Jamie and Teddy’s boys have and help boost the fund along the way, other people have been in touch and will be donating money every time their team scores, or they score or if their child scores. Just silly little fun ideas which cost nobody a lot of money but are fantastic for us. Danny Welbeck’s move from Manchester United to Arsenal didn’t go down well with everyone but for us involved in Target 50k we were delighted after a few local gooners led by Rob Drage promised to donate £5 every time Danny hit the back of the net. Another cracking idea.

Over 100 Coppers for Cancer pots are already out there getting filled up and still lots are to be delivered, we are working on getting some more robust ones made up ASAP which will be perfect for shops,pubs and clubs but we are delighted with the ones we currently have. Once again massive thanks to Luke Harris for helping me get these sorted. For anyone who wants one please get in touch and we will sort this for you as soon as we can.

Last but not least saw us for a few hours take the most read article spot on the Hunts Post website, we were delighted they got in touch to see what we are up too.

You can read the article by clicking here

Right that’s enough from me, sorry for babbling on but so much to talk about in our first week. I hope to make these little updates a regular feature so any feedback be fantastic.

Thanks as always

Luke Claxton

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